Team Name: A Rocket Scientistís Piggy Bank.... You Can Bank on It!

Team Members:

Scott Privette
Santiago Alban
Wyatt Phillips
Jacob Breeden
Doug Schoenenberger
John Carson
Raymond Foo
Seth Jaffe
Eric Duncan
Chris Stambaugh
Lizzy Montemayor
Paul Calhoun
Christina Brozek
Bryan Snook
Danny Linehan
Jonathan Mead
Tim Crain
Greg Pool
Jennifer Canales
Andras Budinski
Eric Carranza
Sergio Lag


WAR BOOTY:4th Place Local UT Austin Rube Goldberg Machine Contest. Well, at least the T-shirts were pretty cool.


Step List:

1. Coin rolls down slot.
2. Coin tips seesaw, activating Mercury switch.
3. Switch turns on hotwire, which cuts through Styrofoam.
4. Armored car rolls down ramp.
5. Armored car trips weight and pulls sign.
6. Armored car falls through bridge.
7. Bridge releases weights.
8. Weights tap paddles.
9. Paddles release coin.
10. Coin hits large marbles.
11. Marble falls in cup.
12. Heavy cup releases marbles.
13. Marbles displace water
14. Water flows through tube to new container displacing cork.
15. Cork rises and activates switch
16. Switch turns on motor in pressure box.
17. Motor dumps water on dry ice.
18. Dry ice evaporates forcing rise in pressure, which drives piston.
19. Piston exerts force on the lever system.
20. Lever system pulls pin on hammer.
21. Hammer hits string.
22. String releases loader.
23. Loader shoves Alka-Seltzer into position.
24. Alka-Seltzer reacts with water to release gas.
25. Gas causes spear to rise.
26. Spear pops balloon.
27. Balloon releases coin.
28. Coin rolls down track.
29. Coin hits rubber band loaded rotary lever.
30. Lever turns on helicopter blades.
31. Helicopter blades rise, cutting string.  Weight falls pulling out support under ball lever arm.
32. Momentum balls turn off helicopter blades.
33. Helicopter blades jump, shooting crossbow.
34. Crossbow hits car.
35. Weight on car falls causing car to roll across track.
36. Car fires CO2 gun.
37. Gun shoots target.
38. Target moves pushing pin.
39. Pin pushes lever causing weight to fall down track.
40. Falling weight pulls string.
41. String spins gyro.
42. Falling weight hits the lever at the bottom of the track.
43. Lever releases gyro to 2nd degree of freedom.
44. Gyrating gyro hits paddle wheel.
45. Rotating paddle wheel turns gear.
46. Gear pulls pin on vinegar rocket fuel chamber.
47. Fuel chamber rotates, mixing fuel.
48. Fuel reacts, releasing gas.
49. Gas propels vinegar rocket to the top of the tube.
50. Rocket hits lever which pulls string.
51. String releases weight.
52. Weight compresses bellow.
53. Bellow causes airflow between Ping-Pong balls.
54. Balls come together causing circuit to close.
55. Circuit powers fan car.
56. Fan car blows windmill.
57. Windmill rotates gears.
58. Gears turn waterwheel.
59. Waterwheel pumps water into aqueduct.
60. Aqueduct transports water to bucket which pulls string.
61. String releases fan car.
62. Fan car travels electrified electrified track.
63. Fan car drives over switch turning on track switching motor.
64. Motor rotates track.
65. Rotating track switches on cylinder motor.
66. Fan car travels up inclined track.
67. Fan car causes airflow over cylinder, causing cylinder to rise.
68. Rotating cylinder pushes stick at top of assembly out from under lever arm.
69. Lever arm falls releasing BEVO.
70. BEVO navigates pins to the bottom of the vertical track.
71. BEVO falls into BEVOís pen releasing weight.
72. Weight pulls collapsing bridge.
73. Crate on bridge falls into paddleboat.
74. Paddle boat crosses river.
75. Paddle boat hits contact on other side of lake.
76. Contact turns on hair dryer.
77. Hair dryer sucks ping-pong ball up tube into airflow.
78. Levitating Ping-pong ball breaks laser beam.
79. Broken laser beam circuit causes release of solenoid pin, releasing weight.
80. Weight falls on rotating hair dryer.
81. Rotating hair dryer moves the levitating ping-pong ball to new position.
82. Hair dryer shoots ping-pong ball up tube.
83. Ping-pong ball hits seesaw, rotating seesaw and releasing coin.
84. Coin rolls into guide rail to Pichinko board.
85. Coin navigates Pichinko board.
86. Coin falls into piggy bank.